Telecommunications Services

Birch’s wireless network design and installation program includes the following services:

Network planning & design, turnkey project management, site & facility surveys, real estate & entitlement handling, engineering & due diligence, materials management & logistics, Civil, electrical, tower, & antenna construction, equipment commissioning & testing, drive testing (RF, E911, Rehome, Accuracy, CW),
Operations, maintenance & repair, interoperability testing, and telecom staffing solutions (temporary, permanent, project-based)

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BH IP (Backhaul IP) Services

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Microwave Design

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Optical Design

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IP Services

Site Acquisitions

Site Acquisitions

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Birch Advisors offers comprehensive OEM telecommunications solutions and support across Microwave and Network Optical equipment, inclusive of:

RF Equipment:

EX Indoor Transport Radio

EX Outdoor Transport Radio

Optical Networking Equipment

EX1400 – SONET, OTN & Ethernet

MPLS-TP  Capabilities

OC-192/OC-48 SONET


Ethernet Networking Equipment

EX400 – IP Firewall




Optical Design

Birch implements the latest and best optical design practices with:

  • Benchmark testing (OTDR/OMD/PMD)
  • Fiber placement with aerial and/or burial construction
  • Cabin placement and commissioning
  • Turnkey solution (SONET/MPLS/DWDM/ETHERNET).

Site Acquisitions

Site acquisition is the foundation upon which successful projects are built. Our policy is to operate with the highest ethics and integrity to deliver with a standard of quality that exceeds customers’ expectations:

  • Site acquisition program management
  • Search ring analysis
  • Candidate selection
  • Lease review
  • Tower company application submittal and processing
  • Lease negotiations and amendment processing
  • Legal package preparation and approval
  • Coordination of site entry & testing
  • Coordination of architectural and engineering studies and drawings
  • Zoning & permitting approvals
  • Environmental studies (NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) and regulatory compliance coordination
  • Design & Planning Services
  • Transport Networks
  • Routed Network
  • Microwave Network
  • Database audit
  • Antenna system design
  • Equipment installation
  • RF drive test
  • 911 system deployment & testing
  • Frequency planning/PN planning
  • WiFi, Mesh networking, OFDM (Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) design
  • Multiple protocol usage in single frequency block
  • Ancillary system deployment (repeaters, hotel fiber distributions systems, etc


  • Fully trained and experienced professional installers for CO (Central Office) and/or remote locations nationwide.
  • All installation crews will provide quality and timely installations, while maintaining a safe and secure work environment.
  • Able to handle multiple projects of any scale nationwide, or with multiple end customers for suppliers.
  • Assist with end customer contacts to verify site readiness and any special requirements.
  • All required closure documentation will be provided in a package to Vendor PM’s (Project Manager) for transition to integration of site.
  • Test, Integration

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