Advisory Services

Birch Advisors provides a depth of advisory, development & financial consulting and management consulting services.
We are specialists at public private partnerships, assisting private and public stakeholders achieve desired outcomes.

We function as advisers as well as team members, handling complex details and cost allocations between parties.
We negotiate creative outcomes and advise on an array of decisions affecting real estate yields and performance.

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Capital Budgeting


Negotiating Development Agreements

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Construction Management

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Entitlement Assistance

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Construction / Permanent Financing

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Development Team Coordination

Constructability Review Analysis

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Highest & Best Use Analysis

Construction Management

Birch Advisors has extensive experience managing construction projects.  The core of this management focuses on organizing the construction or renovation process from start to finish. The activities in a construction project are those required to obtain the property owner’s or tenant’s goals.

Services Include:

  • Renovation planning, including cost estimating and value engineering
  • Designing a space to meet tenant’s or building owner’s needs and desires
  • Commissioning necessary contractors and subcontractors
  • Coordinating and scheduling third-party vendors
  • Inspecting construction work throughout the process for quality assurance
  • Ensuring responsibility risk management
  • Achieving the owner’s or tenant’s business objectives
  • Closing out the construction process once the renovation is complete

Development Team Coordination

Successful real estate development projects require a plethora of different skills, professions, and competencies. Birch Advisors specializes in the variety of skills required and has decades of experience, in building, and managing teams to assist in the strategy, process, and build of various developments. We have carried out the various stages of development and provided robust scalability around each stage.   This scalability has allowed many clients to move from developing one property at a time to developing multiple properties in multiple locations simultaneously, increasing the ability to build profitable property development companies.

Our development coordination team has facilitated the following individuals:

  • Planning consultant: to advise on the planning process and submit any necessary planning application(s)
  • Architect: to design the development and produce the plans
  • Quantity surveyor: to cost the development
  • Project manager: to oversee the development
  • Contractors: to build the development
  • Accountant: to organize the finances
  • Solicitor: to transact the initial purchase and final sale of the development
  • Site finder: to identify sites for development
  • Marketing team: to produce marketing material for sale of the development
  • Agent: to sell the development.

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